The FinCrime department helps protect Capital on Tap and our customers from financial crime by challenging, testing and developing fraud and anti-money laundering controls and processes. The team reviews high risk and suspicious activity, making decisions that have a big impact on our customers and our business.

Fostering career development isn't just something we aspire towards at Capital on Tap, but something we guarantee and outline for all of our teams.

This career path matrix offers the opportunity to grow as an individual contributor, in a management role as a team lead or move to new roles if that's the best option for you and the business.

Whether you are an individual contributor, team lead or manager, the guiding principles of progression at Capital on Tap are the same:

  • Everything we do, including supporting your career should be based around our company values.
  • There is no "ladder", with an up-or-out mentality. We want to support people who wish to maintain their current level of responsibility.
  • The basis for advancement is through demonstration of behaviors, your work ethic and your achievements.
  • We want our framework to be a true model of professional development. It should be about who you are, and not just about what you've done. In a pilot-centric environment like Capital on Tap, we don't want to penalise people for taking big chances.
  • We want to support both generalists and specialists. Many team members at Capital on Tap move around the organisation to develop a breadth of skills, while others like to get especially deep in specific areas. We wanted to support both of these types of people.
  • We believe that career progression is marked by the impact you have on progressively larger areas of the organisation, your sphere of influence.